The LdreamM headset is made for you!

Sleep better

Calms your mind and helps fall asleep quickly

Dream Lucid

Helps inducing lucid dreams in accordance with your natural biological cycles

wake refreshed

Wakes you up refreshed in the optimal phase of your brain activity                                         

The design

Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

The LdreamM headset has 3D printed case and 3D printed wet electrodes. It is comfortable, soft and flexible.

A few things we’re great at

The LdreamM headset is the result of 6 years of continues research and development.

3+2 EEG channels

sense the brainwaves

IR Thermometer

defines the intuition level

Movement sensor

detects head movements

Bone conducting transducers

play MP3 sound files


stimulate lucid dreams

IR and visible LEDs

stimulate lucid dreams

Unique resonant methods

Lucid dream induction

The LdreamM headset uses complex, resonant and guided visualization method by four different types of stimuly. It amplyfies your intuition level and dream remembering with resonant method and helps performing the selected task in lucid dream.

Select a task

Select a predefined or custom task, for example go through the wall

Enable the stimuli

The LdreamM headset defines, when and which stimulus to use

Follow the guided visualization

Before falling asleep visualize the task step by step

Dream lucid

In lucid dream stabilize your state and perform the task

Provides good sleep

Fall asleep quickly

The LdreamM headset helps in falling asleep! After the pedefined time – for example 15 minutes – if you are still awake, the headset launches the guided Kundalini breathing or guided meditation.

For scientific research

Raw EEG signals

For scientific research the raw EEG signals of the LdreamM headset can be converted into the commonly used “.edf” files (Europian Data Format).

This way the measurements can be analized by any software, used in laboratories and research centers.

Open source data

Read data by bluetooth

The measured raw EEG signals and the brain states are transferred throug bluetooth, if this option is enabled. You can write your own code for PC or smartphone and send back controlling messages to the headset at any time.

It enables you to control all the stimuli by your own application, if the built in stimuli methods are not enough for you.

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