Stimulation of the brain!


If you would like to activate those parts of your brain, that are inactive, if you want to have for instance spiritual abilities, Lucid Dreams, out of body experiences, better memory or would like to be more self-confident, than you should train your brain by stimulating those parts, that are involved in the desired skills. This is similar to muscle training in gym, but in this case we train our brain, not our muscles.

There are two types of brain's stimulation:


Current stimuli

Before going into details, I would like to warn all of you, who develop or use any kind of current stimulation devices, that this is a VERY DANGEROUS tool, if you use higher currents, than 30-40 uA peak to peak, and if the voltage is higher than a few volts!

I experienced it on myself!

But let's start from the beginning. As it was mentioned here, the very first tACS stimulations had not enough current to feel or measure any changes in brain waves.


Comfort versus Lucid Dream

The electrode impedance was too high to reach the desired stimulating current. More over, this impedance was growing in time, since the electrodes were wearing off. However, if you take a look at the following chart, you can see that there were lucid dreams on the first few days. Ho can it be?

Comfort versus Lucid Dream


The reasons were the excitement and the discomfort of wearing the LdreamM headset. I had often arousals, than slept back. This is a typical WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) method, which was induced because of unusual feeling of the headset. On the very first night I had a lucid dream even without the stimuli!!

As this unusual feeling was less and less significant, the sleeping became more natural. After about two weeks I even hardly remembered on mornings, that the headset is on my head. In some cases went 3-5 minutes after awakening to remember about the headset.

As a result, the number of Lucid Dreaming per night became zero using simple tACS stimuli.

So, the Lucid Dreams were only because of placebo effects!!


New electrodes and new stimulating electronics

To solve this problem I have ordered electrodes of other type that had much less impedance and they last theoretically forever. More over, I redesigned the stimulating electronics, so it could provide much more currents and higher voltages.

LdreamM v4.0 connected to PC through USB cable


The electronics had a current limiting resistor, which defined, that if even the software was wrong, the current simply could not exceed a given value. For experimenting purposes I changed this resistor to allow higher currents and put the electrodes on different places on head. In some places, where the skin resistance was lower, I could feel some tingling sensations, similar, when we touch the 9 V battery to our tongue. Still a bit higher current was already unpleasant, I felt a slight pain.


Six lucid dreams and a glimpse into the future

Trying different places on the head I experienced an interesting phenomenon: When the stimulation electronics were switched on and off there were some current spikes, which caused me to see some small light balls.

After a few trying these white balls changed to balls of different color and different size. I have realized that it was our Solar system, where the Sun and all the planets were exactly in one row. I was thinking that this is some hallucinations, and this picture disappeared in a few seconds.

The more interesting things started after that. Next day on early morning I had a lucid dream, and it seemed to be a long one. Than a bit later another lucid dream occurred, where I remembered the previous one. When I woke up, immediately started analyzing the EEG measurements. It appeared that there were two REM phases, but they were extremely short. The first one was 11 sec, the second one was 5 sec. Nevertheless, the subjective time was about one hour!

On the evening the same day I was watching a movie: “The secret of the crystal skull”. And in this movie was a picture about the Sun and the planets, being in one row. THE SAME PICTURE, that I have seen on the previous day, when I had the current spikes from the stimuli electronics!!!!

Is it possible to have time travelling? And not only to the past, but even to the future? It seems to be so!

The next day during day time I repeated the same current stimuli, as it was a day earlier.

During night - close to morning - I HAD 6 LUCID DREAMS! Without tACS stimuli at night!

I failed to do the reality checks. All the times I was thinking that a bit later will do them. On the morning, when I checked the EEG measurements I sow, that during night I had about 3 hours of REM phases and about one hour of 40 Hz brain activity. And during this one hour 40 Hz gamma activity there were 6 phases, when the 40 Hz brain activity rose from 2-3 % to 12-16 %!!

To understand, what is seen in the EEG measurements, take a look at the following pictures. For better view the noises from gamma region were deleted, only the ~40 Hz components were left. More over, all the components have the same yellow color, independently of the intensity.

~40Hz activity is not seen clearly at all, only in few cases reaches the 1 % intensity.


In case of 6 LDs, the stable gamma activity lasted not too long – only a few seconds, actually – but the intensity was high: 16 %!


Continues ~40Hz brain activity


tACS stimuli during nights

So, it was very exciting! I decided to do the stimulations during nights.

Three nights I used ~40Hz tACS stimulation. (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). 10 sec after the REM had been started the headset were switching on the stimuli. Than at least 10 minutes the stimuli was disabled. The stimulation time was 16 to 40 sec.

The first night at the beginning there were not seen too much effects after the stimulation. The stimulating current was 80-100 uA peak to peak.

There were no Lucid Dreams, but… I had unexpected results. A few minutes after the 9th stimuli session the brain started to oscillate at about 14 Hz. The signal frequency during 90 minutes slowly increased till 17.6 Hz, but the intensity was growing in a jumping way. After that during another 90 minutes the frequency was smoothly reduced till 8.1 Hz and the intensity was decreasing too. The highest average intensity during 15 minutes was 880 uV!

So, the brain started working as an oscillator. The oscillation energy was about 50 times stronger, than in case of normal brain activity!!

A few minutes after the 9th stimuli session the brain started to oscillate at about 14 Hz.


I have never seen such a brain activity earlier, even though I am measuring and analyzing my brain waves many months. But since this oscillation started not immediately after the stimuli, we can think, that it was because of some other outer influence.

You may think, that there was some kind of solar activity, and that I was measuring the Earths electromagnetic disturbance, but from the Internet it was clear, that the solar activity was very low. So, it was my brain oscillating at that frequency.


Two days later I repeated the same experiment. After the third stimuli session the brain started to oscillate in alpha region.

Brain oscillation started after the third stimuli


The brain was in this oscillation mode during the 7th, 8th and 9th stimuli sessions, too. Three minutes after the 9th stimuli session the oscillation was stopped, but after the 10th stimuli it started to work again, and this was repeated till the 12th stimuli session.

The oscillation stopped, but the new stimuli session lunched it again


Than the brain frequency slowly started to rise till about 34 Hz. The desired 40 Hz for Lucid Dreaming was not reached however.

The brain frequency slowly started to rise till about 34 Hz


An interesting phenomenon was seen during oscillation. Very likely this oscillation was an energy collection session. On the next picture you can see the average brain intensity during stimulation and immediately after that. The brain seems to be charged, since the brain intensity (or brain energy level) was raising the similar manner, as a capacitor charges. It confirms the assumption that the left and right hemispheres act as a capacitor.

The left and right hemispheres act as a capacitor


Another two days later I repeated the previous experiments. The only differences were that the stimulating current was raised till 230 uA peak to peak and I have changed the electrodes to vet ones.

The results were similar, except, that I had one short Lucid Dream. However it must have been because of the inconveniency of the new electrodes.

These experiments were tiresome, and I had some nausea on the next few days. I was thinking, that the reason of nausea was the tiredness, but later it appeared, that the stimulating current caused it.


Tuning the current stimuli's frequencies to my skull and brain

After two weeks of resting I felt myself fresh and the nauseas disappeared, so it was the time to follow the experiments.

I was changing the computer program so, that it was able to produce any combination of mixed frequencies, with any amplitude and phase, more over, it had a possibility to switch on and off the signal in different time frames.

I wanted to do a series of tests, and for that first reduced the stimulating current to about 80 uA peak to peak. In every 15 minutes the program sent a 10 sec session, switching the combination of sine waves on and off in every second. The sine waves frequencies were exactly those of my brain frequencis that I was measured earlier, so they were tuned to the size and form of my own skull.

Well, I remembered 4-5 dreams during nights, but no lucid ones… What was stranger, that there were no REM phases at all during the whole night! There were - almost the whole night - stable, very stable delta waves. So, the stimulating current simply switched off the brain feature to produce REM phases, but the dreams were present.

Only delta waves during the whole night


On the evening the same day I had nausea, than my heart hurt strongly. I had to put booth my hands to back and to the chest to give some healing energy. It helped and the pain disappeared.

The next night I switched off the stimulating currents, and on the morning I could see, that there were some REM phases. However, after that during seven nights there were no REM phases, no other waves, except the less and less stable delta waves. More over, there were still some nausea and heart pains during the coming days.

Finally on the seventh night some very short REM phases appeared. After that the normal sleeping phases - including the REM phases - gradually returned. The nausea and the heart pains disappeared, too.

It was the point, when I made a decision to never use current stimuli any more!


If we use such currents, that were in dr. Ursula Voss's experiment, REGULARLY, than it can cause severe health problems!

There are current stimuli devices on the market (for example or LucidCatcher), that use currents of such magnitude, that can be dangerous to our health, if we regularly apply them. Be careful, if you use them!

There are not such current stimulation methods at present that can switch on your lucid state immediately!


LdreamM headset will not have any current stimulation. The possible alternative is the magnetic stimulation.




Magnetic stimuli

Magnetic stimulation is a much safer brain stimulation method. It can be used without any negative effects on your health.

(Experiments will be soon...)



LdreamM - your Lucid Dream Mate!