Rising of Kundalini - your Life Force Energy


The Life Force Energy is a phenomenon, which earlier was thought as something mystical, subjective, that cannot be measured. However, this is objectively measurable!

Our life is based on this Life Force Energy. People are using it in their everyday life and try to recover during night. There are special types of meditations, the so called Kundalini meditations, which help you raise your life force energy level very quickly.

In Far East the monks used this method thousands of years. The main point is, that we have our own energy generator, just nobody told us how to use it. This is the Pubococcygeus muscle (PC). The first EEG measurements of Kundalini energy were made by dr. Eggetsberger. He measured the direct current rising on both left and right hemispheres during PC muscle contracting and enervation. With practice the Kundalini energy is raising higher and higher every time.

I appreciate dr. Eggetsberger's work very much, since his book helped me to learn astonishing thinks about our brain. But He is focusing on sexual energy. Raising the life force energy just for losing it during sexual act is not so wise. This energy could be used for much higher purposes!

The point is that those nerve centers that are connected to higher realms are switched off in ordinary people. To switch them on we should reach an energy threshold. It demands many days and weeks of energy collection.

LdreamM is capable of measuring the level of this wonderful energy.

If you are a beginner in this exercise, than only very little energy is lifting from your PC muscle up to the brain. But even this small amount of energy is measureable. The next figure shows the rising of Kundalini energy.

Fig.1. Kundalini is raising at a beginner-practitioner


Clearly seen, that during contracting of PC muscle the measured brain potential is raising a few mVs, than enervating the muscle causes potential drops. But not till the starting point! A little energy is remaining and the next contraction of PC muscle starts from this level. During repetitive contraction and enervation of the PC muscle the brain is gradually energized.

If you do this Kundalini exercise every day at least two or three times, than your PC muscle becomes stronger and stronger. As the Life Force Energy rises, the main energetic centers (chakras) of the body became clearer and they begin to be activated.

The chakra activation is a prominent and sensible process. We usually use only our three lower chakras. Starting from heart chakra they are seldom used. It causes energetic blockages on these places. Forcing energy through them during Kundalini exercise the blockages are slowly removing. This can cause physical and emotional pains!

Good news! If you do not stop the exercises, than after a while the blockages dissolve and the pain disappears. The energy can freely flow through your energy channels. Instead of fearing of these painful symptoms use them as the guide. Use them as indicators of the energy level of your body.

You will notice in the measurements, that some new patterns appear in the brain waves.

Fig. 2. Brain activity - sign of rising energy


First the intensity of them is only a few microvolts, barely noticeable. Later as you progress, the amplitude of these signals rises to few hundred microvolts, than it can reach even few millivolts, which is hundred times stronger than the ordinary alpha waves.

As your PC muscle becomes stronger, the Kundalini energy is raising noticeable. The brain potential is changing more than 100 mVs. Remember, at the beginning it was only a few mVs. (See Fig.1.)

Fig. 3. Kundalini energy is stronger


These signals indicate that your hearth chakra is clear, and the energy reached the fifth, so called throat chakra. You can sense a kind of electrical taste in your mouth, especially in your tongue.

The Life Force Energy is growing and not used brain regions are gradually activated. This activation can be measured as well.

Fig. 4. Earlier unused brain regions are switching on and off


Switching on and off of the earlier unused brain regions has typical switching waveforms, well known in electronics.

The most intriguing thing is however, that these square waves have the properties of Golden Ratio. Golden Ratio is everywhere in the universe, including our Solar System, our planet, every plant and animals, and of course our human body and even the electrical activities of the brain.

Fig. 5. Square waves have the properties of Golden Ratio


This is the Universal Law of Creation!

The Golden Ratio is seen even in the spectral analysis of the brain waves.

Fig.6. Golden Ratio is seen even in spectral analysis (6.18 Hz)


Fig.7. Another Golden Ratio is seen in spectral analysis (61.8 Hz)


If you will not stop your daily exercises of rising Kundalini Energy, than your throat chakra becomes clear and the Life Force Energy can reach the sixth chakra, the so called Third Eye!

This chakra makes possible to see beyond physical reality. When the Third Eye is opening, first you will see bright light disk of about 1 cm diameter between your eyebrows. It can last not too long at the first time and if you change your position or slightly move your head, the light disk disappears. Moreover, its light has no constant intensity. It is slowly flashing - appears, then disappears.

This flashing can be measured as well with LdreamM.

Fig. 8. Measurement of Third Eye chakra's light flashes


The Golden Ratio is present in this case, too, in astonishing accuracy.

As the Kundalini Energy clears the Third Eye chakra, the energy flow can raise without blockages and the diameter of light disk increases till 5 cm. Moreover, it is already not a "solid" light disk, but it consists of light spirals. The same as we can see in Galaxy. The light spirals slowly rotate clockwise from your point of view.

Fig. 9. Light spirals, seen in Third Eye chakra resembles the galaxy spirals


At that time the Life Force Energy can flow still easier, so the measured brain potentials are much higher. They can reach even 1200 mVs!! See the next picture and compare it to Fig.1.

Fig. 10. Kundalini energy is very strong


If you do not stop even now the collection of Life Force Energy, than it can reach such high values, that the basic LdreamM 8E headset (or any other EEG device) is not capable to measure the brain potential any more. The next picture shows this case:

Fig. 11. Kundalini energy is so strong, that LdreamM 8E is saturated


If you reached this level of Life Force Energy, than you need LdreamM 8EK for measuring these extremely high brain potentials with ease.



Energy and information exchange between two persons

When your energy level is high enough to switch on those brain regions, that earlier were switched off, than you can have some really interesting things to experience. One of them is opening the Third Eye chakra, as it was mentioned earlier.

The other thing is telepathic communication and energy exchange between two or more persons. Let me tell you an interesting thing. One morning, when started the regular data analysis of previous night measurements, I have noticed a very interesting appearance at occipital lobe. Extremely strong brain potentials were measured at visual cortex. Those potentials had many perfect saw tooth waves with amplitudes of 1.8 V and higher. Before these saw tooth waves started, there were so strong waves, that the EEG device could not even measure them. See the next picture:

Fig. 12. EEG measurements at visual cortex


After that the brain potential becomes lower and the saw tooth waves were measured clearly.

Fig. 13. Saw tooth waves measured at visual cortex


What do they mean? The answer came a few days later, when I mentioned the measurements to a friend of mine, who is a Reiki healer for more than twenty years. She mentioned, that felt my tiredness and decided to send me some healing energy. Checking the time of energy sending and my measurement we found out exact much in time, considering the time differences, hence she lives 2000 km-s from me.

So, energy sending and receiving between two or more persons is measurable! But the energy level must reach a threshold, when the given brain regions are switched on. The Kundalini meditation is necessary for it.



Potential, Power and Energy

Our brains are highly sophisticated devices. They are very complex and very sensitive: can sense such low potentials, that our man made measuring tools are not capable yet.

Sensitivity however means, that if we would like to effect somehow the behavior of the brain, than this external force must be in the normal operating range of it. More over, we should use magnetic stimulation in the range of normal magnetic disturbances of Ionosphere, since our brains are "designed" for them.

There are no current stimulations in the nature!

When I conducted some experiments with current stimulation, than after a while my brain simple switched off in defense and only the less sophisticated basic functionalities remain active. About these experiments you can read here.

So, we should avoid the current stimulations and use instead slight magnetic ones.

When the LdreamM 8EK was designed, I had many experiments to modify ordinary EEG tool to be able to measure as high as 300 Vs of potentials!! During this development I could once again make sure, that our brain is not designed for currents, only for potentials. As more than a few nanoamperes started to flow from the brain to the measuring device, the potential sharply fell.

We know from our physics studies, that power is potential multiplied by current. But if we want current flow, than potential drops, so we do not have much power. Energy is power multiplied by time. But if no power, than there is no energy. That is why Kundalini energy or Life Force Energy is a misleading terminology. We should use instead Kundalini potential or Life Force potential.

With this potential miracles can be reached: clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis and so on. Your "only" task is to collect as much Kundalini potential as you can. But this simple task demands radical changes in your life.

You may need long times to reach really high potentials, but when you reached them, you will be satisfied with your new life!

Start it today!



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