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Dear Seeker!

If you are one of those daydreamers, who do not believe in being the physical world the only reality, than you are on the right place.

If you know, that you are much more, than your physical body, and would like to explore your true self, than you are on the right place.

If you earlier have tried meditations, Lucid Dreams, rising of Kundalini energy, telepathy or even contact with souls, and you had no or little success but did not give up, than you are on the right place.

LdreamM headset and all its accessories are for you!

The name LdreamM means: Lucid Dream Mate.

But this unique device is not only for inducing Lucid Dreams! It can help in meditations, reaching altered states, have out of body experiences and in a whole range of experiments of brain research.

LdreamM device scans different regions of your brain and when it recognizes changes in EEG patterns into the desired direction, than intensifies these changes using magnetic brain stimulations. (Patent is pending.)

LdreamM is not a psychotropic pill, which takes you away without your consciousness. This is more like sports shoes that help you to run, but they do not make you run without your will. This is an important point! Before using LdreamM device you have to know, what do you want to reach and should have an intention to reach your desired goal.

Having a clear goal and strong intention move your brain to the direction of your desires. This is the moment, when LdreamM is activated and switches the necessary stimuli over the given regions of your brain to accelerate this movement.


Is magnetic stimulation safe?

The stimulating magnetic signals, applied by LdreamM device are extremely weak. Much weaker, than those, that are used for therapeutic goals. The magnetic stimulation, used by LdreamM is in the range of normal electromagnetic activity of the Earth. However, since the stimuli is applied in the right time and only for given regions of the brain, and since it never goes against your brain, the effect is tremendous.

About stimulations you can read here.

If you are not sure, why LdreamM is the best EEG device for personal use at home, you can see the comparisons with other devices on the market.


LdreamM - your Lucid Dream Mate!